Improve body blood circulation with PureFlow

Improve body blood circulation with PureFlow

Improve your health and speed up the blood circulation recovery process

Blood circulation is essential for the well being of our bodies. Blood oxygenates our cells, which keeps our muscles and brain functioning properly and keeps us healthy. With over 60,000 miles of blood vessels in our body, that can be a challenge sometimes, even if we’re at the peak of our health.

The most common symptoms of poor blood circulation are cold hands and feet and in fair-skinned people, bluish skin. More serious symptoms are hair loss and nails getting brittle. Men regularly report an inability to get and maintain an erection. And if you’re suffering from diabetes, the symptoms are even more serious.

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How to improve your circulation?

The best way to improve circulation is to stop smoking as nicotine harms arterial walls, which in turn prevents blood from travelling through them. Another way is to increase liquid intake, giving volume to our blood. This is especially important on warmer days because we sweat much more than in colder weather, but the cold weather can also trick us into thinking we’re not thirsty, giving room for dehydration and blood getting thicker. One of the best ways of getting the blood circulation up and running is via cardio exercises.

These are sets of exercises focusing on our stamina and muscle fitness with the aim of engaging as many muscles, burning as much fat and pumping as much blood through our body completely naturally so that fresh oxygen rejuvenates our cells and reaches dormant muscles after a long day at work, behind the desk. But even if we have a job that requires us to move regularly and we don’t have the time to exercise, putting your legs up high against the wall while laying on the floor helps immensely.

PureFlow treatment speeds up injury recovery process

However, a good portion of us is unable to do all these things for various reasons, be it age, injury or some other medical reason, making it look as if we have no other way of prevention or treatment of low blood circulation but via medicines. This is no longer the case. The Recovery Lab’s PureFlow device is designed so that it provides the benefits of some of the best exercises while passively increasing your blood flow while you are resting, reading a book or watching TV.

The treatment is completely painless and it improves your health as well as speeds up the recovery process in case of an injury. It also comes with an EKG monitor, allowing you full control of the type and intensity of the treatment, and freedom to focus on individual parts of your body.

It is fitted on your lower extremities, all the way to the lower abdomen, so that you can get that circulation running from the largest muscles in your body, helping it reach full circle faster, carrying more oxygen throughout your body.

PureFlow guarantee all benefits of comprehensive cardio exercise

No other device gives you the same results after resting with it for 45 minutes, as if you were exercising vigorously. The ability to focus on your calves, thighs or buttocks while resting and monitoring your condition on the EKG display is exactly what makes this device so effective. It also relieves you of stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Being able to synchronise with your natural heart rhythm, its beneficial effects are 100 percent natural and well suited for younger as well as elderly clients equally. With PureFlow you are guaranteed to have all the benefits of comprehensive cardio exercises, while not straining your body or heart.

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