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PureLift Pro vs Microcurrent - Wondering is PureLift Pro a better choice for you than others? Check it now!

Date: February 09, 2023



Top performing devices - PureLift Pro vs Microcurrent

Beauty, youth, and confidence are what society values and dictates these days and the world is full of products and treatments promising to give you just that.

From creams, massages, invasive to non-invasive treatments – they all claim to turn back the clock. However, they either all cost too much, take too long, or hurt too much.

But not microcurrent. Microcurrent devices like PureLift or NuFace use electricity to rejuvenate skin and increase blood flow in your body, naturally bringing back the look you desire – pain free.

PureLift Pro delivers what it promises

Xtreme Pulse’s most powerful device is the best face lifting device using the non-invasive Triple Wave microcurrent to tighten your facial muscles and lift the skin, ironing out those annoying wrinkles.

The frequency this device uses is fare above that used by other devices, making it more effective than any other device of its kind on the market. By reaching deeper into the muscle, forces it to do a harder workout by making it contract and relax rapidly, and by using the FDA patented Triple Wave Technology, muscles do not get fatigued and its exercise regime constantly maintains its efficiency.

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sually, other microcurrent devices such as NuFace use much weaker impulses, barely reaching underneath the skin to which our body becomes accustomed and overcompensates, making the device useless after several treatments. PureLift can go on forever, and its results are visible from the very first treatment.

Microcurrent is an optimal alternative

Microcurrent is the device specialized in treating the loss of elasticity in facial skin, puffiness as well as fine lines. The design of the device allows it to fit in the palm of your hand and allows you to focus on several different areas on your face thanks to its specialized attachments. It has a built in battery allowing you to bring it with you where ever you want. The device is recommended to be used in five-minute treatments over the period of 60 days for optimal results.

Following the treatment, the experts behind the device recommend massaging the leftover gel on your face for best results. It's two contact heads are designed to stimulate your muscles, making your cheek-bones more prominent and skin to appear rejuvenated.

Get the most of it! Get PureLift Pro!

But similarities between the two devices end there. PureLift Pro’s facial treatments last for ten minutes but the results are already visible after the first treatment. The ergonomics of the PureLift Pro make it perfect to hold and reach every corner of your face. With its special gel formula, PureLift Pro makes your skin more permeable and able to take in other skin-care products and with the time of 12 to 36 hours, which is how long its effects last.

Check PureLift Pro and order your new companion. It's the only device you will want in your home.

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