PureFlow - passive cardio with EKG technology

PureFlow - passive cardio with EKG technology

Help your body lose weight, recover and increase mobility

When faced with a dilemma about which type of exercise is best for us, most experts agree, cardio are the best. They engage our whole body after a long day’s work and engage our largest muscles which we’ve been neglecting over the day. Since our modern way of life requires us to remain behind the desk for eight to 10 hours a day, exercising has become essential for our physical as well as mental well being. To avoid high medical and therapy bills, physical exercise is the best and cheapest solution that brings the best results.

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Improve health and metabolism with cardio exercise

The goal of cardio exercises is to increase heart rate, blood flow and respiration rate in order to produce energy. During the exercise, our body takes in more oxygen which in turn helps produce more energy to our body, which is why we feel so energised and we tire much slower than the people who do not exercise. With time our internal organs like the heart, lungs and the entire circulatory system begin to function better. With this come other benefits such as improved mental health, sleep, mood, our heart becomes healthier and our entire metabolism improves.

Regular cardio exercises also strengthen our antibodies which, together with white blood cells, fight off diseases and illnesses like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. With a strong metabolism, immunity and improved mood, we are able to do our daily routines and fight off everyday stress more easily, while also boosting our mental focus and memory.

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Passive cardio EKG device that improves and rejuvenates your body

However, not even the best athletes can exercise regularly or even for prolonged periods of time due to injury or excessive strain on their bodies and muscles. For this reason, the Recovery Lab created a special device called PureFlow. It is a passive cardio and EKG device that improves our recovery, rejuvenates our body and improves the cardiovascular system while decreasing the risk of heart stress as well as strain associated with this type of exercise.

By applying it to the lower extremities and lower abdomen, PureFlow uses a counterpulsation technology that is synchronised with your heart rate, regulating your blood flow, increasing is and nourishing your cells with oxygen-rich blood even better than your heart would while resting. All this is possible and visible on the EKG monitor that comes on top ht PureFlow. With only 45 minutes a day, this device promises to replicate the results similar to that of an actual exercise.

PureFlow as only full-control device for health improvement

What makes PureFlow so amazing is that not only can athletes or young enthusiasts use it to improve their health, it allows the elderly to use it with the same ease, comfort, and benefits. In just 45 minutes a day, you can get perfect results while reading a book. Not only that, while you’re relaxing in PureFlow, you can control each separate segment of the treatment. Meaning, you can focus on some areas more than on others.

No other device out there helps your body lose weight, recover and increase mobility. This amazing device also boosts your wellness, anti-ageing and detoxification, making it the best device for you and your loved ones.

Buy now PureFlow device and improve cardiovascular health and body circulation to have a better body heal, recovery and rejuvenation.

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