Pure Lift Face Rich Description

Special diamond shaped head for smooth touch


Ergonomic handle comfortable for treating face, chin and neck


Made from durable hypoallergenic material


  1. Special diamond shaped head for smooth touch
  2. Ergonomic handle comfortable for treating face, chin and neck
  3. Made from durable hypoallergenic material
  • Instant Elevation

    Strengthening the muscle to visibly lift, tone and tighten.

  • Deep Stimulation

    Patented three-wave electric stimulation deep into your facial muscles.

  • 10 minutes a day

    5 minutes on each side of the face.

Dual designed conductive serum and hydrating skincare serum

PureLift™ requires a highly conductive gel in order to maximize the impulses. While you might feel the same sensation with other gels, the impulses will not be effective enough to properly conduct. Yeilding less than desirable results.

Especially formulated volume building wonder serum that uses a combination of peptides and proteins, designed to boost your skins’ Collagen levels via a comprehensive 3 stage Collagen cycle. Restoring levels to that of younger skin effectively reduces wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

This incredible peptide has proven to regulate fibrillogenesis and control fibril growth and size. With a more organized and uniform arrangement of Collagen fibers, the skin becomes more supple. This provides a higher resilience to stretching and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How to use for face, chin and neck

Woman with PureLift Face
  • Cleanse

    1/ Skin Cleanse

    Helps to unclog pores, releasing dirt and debris for a smoother appearance.

  • Infusion

    2/ Infusion

    Deeper infusion of nutrients and vitamins into the skin.

  • Lifting

    3/ Lifting

    The only device to exercise the muscles just like any other part of your body.


What type of results should I expect?

Obviously results vary depending on the age, skin condition and other factors.

In general there is a significant visible change in the skin in just the first session. However, please note that PureLift is meant to be done on a regular basis for long term effects and prevention of aging at home.

First, most people notice a smoothing of the skin, better skin texture.

Secondly, depending on age and level of wrinkles, and sagging skin, you will see a noticeable lifting of the face. This is more dramatic on older skin.

Can I use PureLift if am pregnant?

Unfortunately, if you are pregnant, we don’t recommend using PureLift. But you can resume treatments immediately after you give birth.

Can I use PureLift if I have fillers/Botox?

Yes, but we recommend waiting two weeks after your procedures/injections before resuming using your PureLift again.

Can I use on my neck?

Yes, but please refer to your instruction manual or online tutorial for complete instructions. Most importantly, it can never be used on the throat/thyroid.

How long does it last?

The lifting effect can last 12-36 hours depending on age, skin condition, and hydration.

The PureLift is intended to be used 2-3 a week for home use and should be integral part of every facial in the spa/clinic.

Is it good for individuals 40+

It is wonderful on 40+, the effects are often much more dramatic on the older individual.

What is Triple Wave technology?

The secret of PureLift is that it uses the Triple Wave Patented EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology. The Triple-Wave Technology contain a first wave (low frequency) has an anesthetic effect, the second wave (mid frequency) works in the dermis layer, and the third wave (high frequency) reaches deep to the facial muscles.


The pulses are randomized from 1360-1740 Hertz, which means the muscles can never adapt the frequency and will continue to work since the muscle wont adapt or accommodate to the. Stimulus —It is like changing your gym-routine daily!

How do the model differ?

The PureLift PRO and FACE are identical in strength and efficacy! The only difference is the battery life. The PRO has a substantially longer battery on single charge! Typically, 50+ sessions while the FACE has 4-6 sessions on a single charge.

The PRO is not exclusive to licensed professionals but we highly recommend that clinics/spa’s use the PRO.

What should serum/gel should I use if I’m allergic to wheat/soy protein?

We have never seen or been informed of any adverse reaction to the serum, even those with allergies to wheat/soy. However, you can use a clear ultrasound gel or clear electro-muscle stimulator gel for a replacement.

Lost USB charging cable?

The PRO uses a standard mini USB

The FACE uses a standard micro USB

Please purchase from a reliable electronic store- to make sure they are of good quality!  Poor quality USB and lead to poor performance of the Lithium Ion battery

What is the difference between PureLift and Microcurrent?

PureLift 7mA   @ 1360 Hz ( 7300 microamps )

Traditonal micro-current .22mA @ 8.39 Hz ( 223 microamps)  - based on previously known documentation.

Does it come with training?

No, but we have training video and a very comprehensive manual.