Check out PureLift Face reviews

Check out PureLift Face reviews

PureLift Face outpacing competitors!

Small and elegant are the two things that first come to mind when you see our PureLift Face device. But after you try it, you won’t believe you spent so much time without it. Xtreeme Pulse’s PureLiftFace is designed to fir everyone’s cosmetics bag, and to be used literally on the spot. With its never-before-seen technology, PureLift outpaces competition bringing youthful look and flexible skin back on your face. Just read some of our customer reviews after using the device for the first time.

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User reviews

Pamela Komen: At first, I didn’t believe in microcurrent because I tried going to beauty salons with similar treatments and ended up wasting a lot of money but after hearing my friends’ experiences with PureLift Face I had to try it. Now, my skin is so smooth and my face hasn’t felt this soft in a long time. From the moment I turned it on, it felt more powerful and my face felt like it was exercising. I can actually feel it improve my skin.

Brenda Navarre: I never had a problem with my skin until I went to a job interview and didn’t get the job just because I looked older than I was, which made me look for a natural way to improve my skin condition. PureLift Face instantly became part of my beauty routine. It rejuvenated 3 years off my face and neck. No more endless massages and skin creams with false promises. My skin feels and looks younger, healthier and I feel happy like I was in my 20's.

Linda Bylery: I didn't know what to do with the sagging skin on my neck and around my eyes. I travel a lot so I don’t have time for long and expensive treatments, but with PureLift Face I don’t have to worry about going anywhere, because it goes with me. Its built-in battery is a lifesaver, and the effects from only one use last for 12 hours, maybe even more. I use it to calm down before meetings and to relax before sleep.

Casandra Borges: I didn’t know what Triple Wave meant until I tried PureLift Face and from that point on I was hooked. It just keeps on giving. Other treatments would stop working after a while but six months on, it still works like it did the first time. Having sensitive skin I thought it might hurt, but the soothing gel and this microcurrent made the skin softer and clearer.

Robert Johnsson: My job requires me to meet with young, successful and I am required to maintain my appearance on par with what we’re asking from them, and PureLift Face was the thing I needed. I use it in the morning and even at night because its treatments can last up to 36 hours. That’s crazy. My skin is fresh, tight and soft. I can feel the collagen boost ever since I started using PureLift Face.

Give PureLift a try!

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PureLift Face is tested and proven to work on both women and men. The naturally restored elasticity and blood flow to your skin and muscles not only make you look younger, but they also improve the healing process of your skin and its rejuvenation abilities. With its elegant and small design, it is small enough to fit in every purse or bag, and yet potent enough to make you satisfied after every use.

PureLift Face is perfect for personal, daily use - order it now!

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