PureFlow improves cardiovascular health

PureFlow improves cardiovascular health

Reduce risks and the chance of developing the diseases on time

Over the course of 40 years, a huge number of studies were made to examine the links between exercise and our cardiovascular health and every single one of them concluded that exercise is undeniably beneficial in preventing cardiovascular diseases and maintaining good health.

What’s more, should you still develop cardiovascular disease, it will come at a later stage in life and it won’t be as severe if you exercised regularly as compared to people who haven’t exercised at all. The studies also showed that our sedentary way of life is a major risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease. Other factors are obesity, high blood pressure, smoking etc.

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Exercise regularly with PureFlow to improve your general health

These studies proved that reducing these risks reduces the chance of developing the said diseases and paying for high medical bills for the rest of our life or even undergoing a life-saving surgery. The only proper way to do it is by exercising regularly. These exercises are called cardio exercises and they are the best way to improve not only your cardio but all around general health.

This type of exercise will also help you lose weight and strengthen your muscles, further improving your heart condition but also boosting your memory, and improving your mood. The goal of this exercise is to increase blood flow and bring that oxygen-rich blood to every part of your body, rejuvenating it and getting rid of all the toxins. This is instrumental to your cardiovascular health. Plus, these exercises help improve your lung capacity and the quality of sleep.

PureFlow boosts detoxification and energy while reducing fatigue and stiffness

However, there are times when we’re just not able to physically exercise due to injury or even old age. For this reason, the Recovery Lab came up with a device called PureFlow which reproduces similar effects to that of a cardio exercise which can be used by everyone, regardless of their age or health conditions.

The way it works is by utilizing the technology of counterpulsation returning the blood from your lower extremities back into the torso and upper body, mimicking intensive exercise and increasing natural blood flow which in turn brings nutrients and oxygen faster to your every cell.

The increased blood flow also boosts detoxification, raises your energy levels and improves the regeneration of internal organs. All this relaxes your muscles, reduces fatigue and stiffness and relaxes your body.

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An ideal deal for athletes and elderly patients

PureFlow is an ideal for athletes, as well as elderly patients, and patients with newly diagnosed heart disease because studies have shown that the sooner patients start exercising, the faster their quality of life improves in terms of lower stress, improved self-confidence and less anxiety. The effects of exercises, which PureFlow can achieve, are also linked to a decrease in death rates by a margin of up to 25 percent.

And that’s not all, PureFlow is the only device of its kind which allows you to control each segment of its treatment – allowing you to separately control the compression of your thighs, calves or buttocks. Relaxing while doing your workout is finally possible with PureFlow.

PureFlow helps you with a wellness, detoxification, body recovery, weight loss, anti-aging and rapidly increase your mobility. Buy it now!

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