PureLift – Best facelift and face sculpting tools on market

PureLift – Best facelift and face sculpting tools on market

Facelift and face sculpting rejuvenation techniques

Two of the latest and hottest rejuvenation techniques in the world are face lifting and face sculpting, both offering a younger and healthier look but demanding time and money, which many do not have. Not only that, to have visible results, the most common techniques are the invasive ones, also not wanted by many clients.

To achieve tighter skin, fuller cheeks and the overall healthier look, many non-invasive alternatives are already present on the market but they all offer limited results due to predictable massage techniques to which our body gets used to and compensates, rendering them ineffective.

PureLift collection (PureLift Face, PureLift Pro and PureLift Pro+)

With PureLift collection you can get the facial massage from within, resembling face sculpting, as well as tightening of the skin on the surface of your face, resembling the most invasive face-lifting surgery, while at the same time increasing the production of collagen and healing from within the muscle. 

Utilising its all-new patented and FDA-approved Triple Wave technology, PureLift can modulate and randomize its microcurrent thus being always effective without fear of the body’s adaptation. Its powerful 1,300-1,700 Hz microcurrent penetrates as deeply like a face sculpting massage, without the need for uncomfortable and long manual massages, by simply making the skin more permeable and penetrating both upper and lower facial muscles, giving it a stronger framework.

This muscle exercise is also known as Face Gym, because muscles rapidly contract and relax improving blood flow and increasing their volume, thus ironing out saggy skin and flattening deep wrinkles. After only 10 minutes, the device leaves your skin feeling tighter and brighter, without the need for expensive treatments. These instantly visible and brilliant results are already visible after only one use. Its two diamond-shaped heads will cover more space on your face than any other device of this kind, making the treatment more effective as it releases random, modulated microcurrent waves speeding up the treatment process while making it pleasant for everyone.

Not only that, but PureLift devices also induce the healing process in your face, while working on improving the strength of your muscles. This is because ordinary microcurrent devices can’t penetrate as deeply into the muscle as PureLift can. PureLift goes beyond dermis, stimulating the production of collagen – a protein which naturally rejuvenates your skin. The device also reduces puffiness, softens the skin texture, and provides an overall comfort after every use. 

Perfect collection for daily use

All PureLift devices also come with a built-in battery, making them perfect to bring with you on either a vacation or simply from room to room. The level of autonomy these devices provide is unparalleled, providing up to 50 treatments in just one charge. And that's not all, they are easily charged using your cellphone charger or even a USB port on your computer. No other devices come even close to PureLift.

The creators of PureLift devices, Xtreem Pulse, paid special attention to clients over the age of 40 who will benefit the most from the daily use. However, PureLift is also recommended for younger clients as form prevention.

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