PureLift Face vs PureLift Pro | What best suits your needs?

PureLift Face vs PureLift Pro | What best suits your needs?

Innovative and cost-effective solution for rejuvenated look

Face lifting options have never been more versatile and types of massages to achieve that fresh, rejuvenated look are becoming more innovative and successful by the day. But one question persists in everyone’s mind – should they undergo an invasive or non-invasive technique to achieve the wanted results. While invasive methods are more permanent, they also cost way more and require a long time to recuperate, not to mention the discomfort lasting for weeks after the treatment. Non-invasive, however, feel like a more affordable option, but then clients have to return again and again to maintain their look. With skincare products getting ever more expensive, one must question their cost-effectiveness as well.

PureLift devices - Compact, Elegant and Effective

These are the questions Xtreem Pulse considered when making their PureLift devices: PureLift Face and PureLift Pro. Two devices providing the same quality benefits with slight but important differences. PureLift Face is an elegant, beautiful and fashionable device intended for personal use on the go. Just like its bigger brother, it too uses the revolutionary Triple Wave technology that can penetrate much deeper into the muscle, contracting and relaxing it thus giving your skin a much stronger framework and a more youthful look you deserve. Its simple yet effective controls and display are purposefully made so that younger as well as older clients can always be certain that they set the device according to their daily needs. Its size makes it perfect to take with you wherever you want and use it at your pleasure.

PureLift Pro is a bigger and more professional device than PureLift Face, with a bigger battery and slender handle so it can be used to tighten your neck, chin and face. It’s meant to be used both at home and in a spa. The bigger battery means it can be used up to 50 times in only one charge. Both devices use the same Triple Wave technology to achieve results. The first wave has an aesthetic function, the second, mild, wave penetrates deeper into the layer called the dermis, ironing out the surface wrinkles, awhile the third wave reaches into the muscle, exercising them and improving blood flow and collagen production, which tightens the skin and rejuvenates it from within thanks to induced collagen production.

PureLift Face vs PureLift Pro?

If you are a person who likes to do things on the fly and not spend much time on facial treatments, then PureLift Face is your choice. It fits perfectly in every bag, pocket or box. Its small size allows you to use it in almost every surrounding and beautiful colours make it fitting and stylish with every outfit. If you like to spend more time caring for your face, then PureLift Pro is right for you. Bigger battery, more treatments and longer handle are what make it perfect for a thorough and professional use. As both devices are charged via USB cable, neither choice will leave you dissatisfied with your choice.

PureLift Face or PureLift Pro, the choice is yours!

Check PureLift Face or PureLift Pro and order your new companion.

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