PureLift vs Microcurrent | What's better for you?

PureLift vs Microcurrent | What's better for you?

Let's talk about PureLift vs Microcurrent

PureLift and NuFace belong to a group of product utilizing microcurrent to provide a non-invasive face-lifting effect. The reason behind the great popularity of these devices among customers is that they remove the need to go to professional beauty salons or even undertake corrective surgery, by being ready to use all the time – in your home or even at work.

All it takes is five to ten minutes of your time and an area where you can relax and enjoy yourself. By releasing a tiny current, the exercise your facial muscles, improving blood flow and tightening the skin on your face and other parts of your body. After only a 10-minute use, your skin will feel lifted and look younger as if you turned back the time.

Beauty industry innovation synonym - PureLift

The name PureLift has become synonymous with innovation in the beauty industry. The device has revolutionized the microcurrent industry by studying the way their competitors work and innovating a more reliable treatment.

Its conductive gel which goes with the product amplifies the specially designed pulses called Triple Wave so that the body soaks up all the current property, and equally where ever the diamond-shaped heads touch your face. The shape of the heads also had to be reinvented so that they would cover more surface than other similar devices, and deliver the current under the correct angle. The name Triple Wave comes from the fact that the patented technology releases random, alternating waves of current, which differ in length, strength and intensity so as to avoid the body’s adaptation to a simple, monotonous stimulus, rendering the device and treatment useless.

By changing constantly, PureLift device wakes up the muscles and make them contract and relax to a 1,300-1,700Hz current – a much higher and more effective current than in other devices which penetrates deeper and rejuvenates your face from within. The oxygen-enriched muscles tighten the skin on your face and neck, induce, collagen production and help skin heal faster from the daily exposure to the sun, elements and pollution around us.

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PureLift similar alternatives - Microcurrent

The NuFace device, on the other hand, was designed by a mother-daughter duo Carol Cole and Tera Peterson who happen to be skin-care aestheticians. Their brand – NuFace is specialized at making devices perfect for home-use. They treat puffiness, fine lines, and loss of elasticity in facial skin.

The device itself is perfectly designed to fit in the palm of your hand, and just like PureLift, it also has a built-in battery, giving you the much-needed freedom to use it whenever you like. It comes with several specialized attachments, letting you focus on specific areas on your face. It too requires you to apply a layer of gel on your face, but before that, you must first clean it and dry it thoroughly.

The treatment itself lasts five minutes and it must be regularly repeated for the next 60 days to achieve consistent, long-term results throughout your face. After the treatment, it is recommended to massage the face with the leftover gel to get the best benefits. The two heads on the device work using a similar principle as PureLift, making your cheekbones look more prominent and tightening your skin, thus "ironing out" your wrinkles. You will see the first results from this device after a few sessions which is attractive enough for most customers unlike the PureLift immediate after-treatment results. The treatment is easy and all it takes is several motions from the neck up.

Who has the edge - PureLift or Microcurrent?

Despite being similar and offering almost equal results, PureLift has the edge.

It not only does everything NuFace does, but its advantages are its universal versatility. It promises results after the first use, which is a lot faster than several treatments NuFace requires. This is thanks to the Triple Wave Technology which engages our muscles from within, reaching much deeper than other microcurrent devices.

PureLift was primarily meant for clients over 40, but its universal benefits are well suited for younger clients who wish to preserve their beauty. There is a wide ranger of PureLift products which suits different age and purpose groups.

Also, its effects are long-lasting, even after the first use, with the company Xtreem Pulse promising they will last between 12 and 36 hours, which is much better than having to use NuFace for 60 days consistently to get similar results.

The FDA approved device can also boast with long battery life, allowing you to use it up to 50 times in only one charge (Check out official US Adapter) – a result no other device can beat. Because it utilizes a much stronger microcurrent, it is able to reach deeper, make your muscles tighter and skin more permeable to other skin-care products which will make you look younger and confident after every use.

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