PureLight - most advanced body sculpting system

PureLight - most advanced body sculpting system

PureLight prepares your body’s fat cells for almost instant results

Everywhere we look we see celebrities magically looking fit and healthy or losing weight without breaking a sweat leaving us in awe, wondering how do they do it? Is there a magic pill we can take? How come we spend countless hours exercising, dieting and paying various instructors to get our bodies into shape but with little or no result?

Yes, exercising is highly beneficial for our health, but most of the time it doesn’t make us look slimmer. On the contrary it often builds up muscle in areas we wish would like to look thinner and it even improves our appetite making it hard to stick to the diet.

Hard exercise and maintaining a healthy diet simply don’t work for everyone. So what’s their secret formula? It's a PureLight body sculpting system!

PureLight body sculpting system method

The keyword is body sculpting. PureLight body sculpting is a recently new method of reducing body fat and one’s appetite. This method works by focusing on fat cells, making them smaller or even destroying them so that the fat melts away through a combination of treatments, easy exercise to keep the body at the preferred level of fitness and a healthy diet.

There are several types of PureLight body sculpting:

  • Emsculpt, using contractions to burn off fat
  • Ultra Shape using ultrasound
  • Warm Sculpting using light and lasers to generate hear
  • Cold Sculpting freezing the fat cells in the area of the treatment.

All these treatments employ different methods of reducing the size of our fat cells or even, as some claim, killing them, in order to gain the look we want.

Among the countless devices claiming to offer the best results The Recovery Lab’s PureLight system sticks out as the perfect device for losing body fat.

Prepare your body cells for upcoming workouts

PureLight is a light-based body sculpting system designed to prepare our body’s fat cells for the upcoming workout making them ready for exercise being wireless, it is also easy to wear and even to some warming up with it. The Recovery Lab’s pain-free body sculpting device is suitable for all ages, showing visible results almost instantly.

In just 20 minutes of exposure to the area where you want to lose an inch or two, PureLight's light waves speed up the fat-burning process during exercise boosting the all-natural way of losing weight and shaping your body.

PureLight is ideal for breaking stubborn fat deposits where ever they are on the body, be it arms, thighs, stomach, you name it. Consisting of eight light-emitting sections, you can fit it where ever you want, and with just 8-10 sessions during a treatment, it reduces up to 3.5 inches of your body after only one treatment.

PureLight is clinically proven, non-invasive and pain-free device

PureLift is truly unique in its design, ease of use, efficacy and elegance. It’s clinically proven 635nm wavelength light, slim your hips, thighs, upper arms or waist non-invasively and naturally. Best of all, it is completely pain-free. Being wireless, unlike other devices, it also gives you the freedom to do other things while wearing it.

With PureLight, days of going to endless gym treatments and spending money in cosmetic saloons are finally over.

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