The Recovery Lab presents the best face lift treatment

The Recovery Lab presents the best face lift treatment

Discover the best face lift treatment

As years go by, we might not even notice how our skin loses elasticity, becomes thinner and how wrinkles start to set in, but this natural process is, unfortunately, inevitable. Our face, which conveys most of our non-verbal communication to our interlocutors thus, becomes more tired and starts conveying wrong messages on how we feel and how we look, which is not always what we want.

We often feel much younger, but the face simply won’t comply. However, there are alternatives that can help us slow, delay or even reverse this process for quite some time.

Invasive or non-invasive treatments?

There are two general treatments to combating saggy skin – invasive and non-invasive. It is really important to discover the best face lift treatment in terms of your real needs and efficiency. The best face lift treatments aren't the ones that costs you thousands of dollars and bunch of pain. Let's explore these general face lift treatments.

Invasive treatments mean expensive and painful surgeries which can last a long time, but are unaffordable to a vast majority. This treatment, however, is the least natural way of turning back the clock.

Non-invasive treatments vary vastly, from creams, massages to microcurrent devices promising to rejuvenate your face in just a few treatments. Generally speaking, creams are initially least expensive and seem like a quick solution but require a long time to show results. Massages are the second most affordable natural solution, but their effects vary from the type of massage, beautician performing it and the type of massage – which also varies in price.

Microcurrent natural rejuvenation treatment

The third and the best, most effective as well as cost effective natural rejuvenation treatment is the microcurrent treatment. These devices release tiny amounts of electricity that penetrate the skin and stimulate our facial muscles so that they regain fullness, increase blood flow and improve collagen production, which is what our skin needs to heal and recover.

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This type of treatment seems expensive at first, but compared to other treatments, it offers the best results. It is an all-natural, non-invasive treatment whose results are visible from early on. It acts as a stimulus, massager and an anti-aging cream in one.

The Recovery Lab guarantee immediate results

However, these devices can also vary from producer to producer, but also from purpose to purpose. Some offer specialized treatments, such as neck stimulation, or a stimulation of the area around cheekbones. They also differ in the strength of the current, as some use older technology that only affects the upper layer of your face. The Recovery Lab’s PureLift devices have the ability to penetrate deeper than any other device on the market and show results after only one treatment.

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Daily use with long lasting results

As with most devices, PureLift Face and Pro take each up to 10 minutes per day, but they both offer an intense, alternating facial workout thanks to their FDA patented Triple Wave Technology which randomly shoots bursts of microcurrent differing in strength, length and intensity, not allowing your muscles to adapt and forcing them to contract and release repeatedly.

PureLift Triple Wave Technology explained

This in turn stimulates blood vessels and blood flow, improves the production of collagen and speeds up the healing process of both neck and facial muscles.

Both versions offer the same results, but the difference is in battery life and type of use. PureLift is made to offer freedom movement and it is recommended for younger as well as older clients. Not only does it iron out the existing wrinkles in older clients, it prevents their creation in younger individuals making PureLift the best microcurrent device on the market, guaranteed.

Check PureLift Face and PureLift Pro and order your new companion. It's the only device you will want in your home.

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