Why is PureLift Pro the best face sculpting tool on market?

Why is PureLift Pro the best face sculpting tool on market?

Innovative Face sculpting

Face sculpting is a technique also called a facial from within. It is an innovative massage resulting in an immediate result – a non-invasive anti-aging response ideal for people who do not want injections or more invasive procedures to rejuvenate their face. Face sculpting involves muscle stretching and buccal massage, both aimed at exercising internal and external facial muscles, improving blood flow and oxygenating them. The aim is to loosen facial contractions along which wrinkles form. The entire process can take up to an hour and some clients can find it rather uncomfortable. 

With PureLift Pro clients can enjoy all the benefits of the face sculpting massage without spending so much time. PureLift Pro takes the term non-invasive to a whole new level with its brand new and patented Triple Wave technology.

Triple Wave technology

Triple Wave technology gives excellent results by penetrating beyond dermis, stimulating deeper layers of our facial muscles. Purelift Pro’s strong microcurrent reaches deeper into our muscles than ordinary microcurrent devices, making them contract and relax via random pulses. Mimicking our naturally occurring current PureLift Pro not only improves muscle tone but makes them stronger, giving our skin a much needed stronger framework.

The device also promotes the creation of an ATP compound improving energy production in our cells. This in turn increases blood flow. Also, the Tripe Wave technology exercises facial muscles by activating them directly with frequencies between 1.300 and 1,700 Hz – which is much stronger than in conventional devices.

PureLift Pro’s new patented technology makes the skin more permeable and avoids the body’s natural response called adaptation. It happens when our muscles are exposed to the same and constant stimulus to which they adapt, rendering all other devices ineffective. By modulating the microcurrent pulse in three different waves, PureLift Pro can work non-stop without fear of becoming ineffective itself.

PureLift Pro results

By modulating the pulse, it exercises deeper as well as muscles closer to the surface equally it brings back volume to the face, making it tighter and brighter after only 10 minutes of use. Unlike the face sculpting massage, PureLift Pro’s treatment lasts only 10 minutes per day – five minutes on each side of the face. This makes it more convenient than the conventional massage and with its elegant and ergonomic design, there is no need to leave home.

PureLift Pro’s results last from 12 to 36 hours depending on clients’ age and results are best seen in clients aged 40 and over. It is also recommended for younger clients as a form of preventive measure against sagging face and deep wrinkles at later stages in life. It is also easily rechargeable via USB cable, which can be plugged in either a smartphone charger or a USB port on your computer, making it perfect to take with you on vacation or a business trip.

PureLift Pro is the best face sculpting tool

This gentle device is perfect for home and beauty salon alike, but it also provides a perfect level of mobility as it has a built-in battery which can provide up to 50 sessions at home, outside or even on a lunch break. With effects from a single treatment instantly visible the FDA approved PureLift Pro will certainly make any client happy and satisfied.

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