Why is PureLift Pro the best tool for face elevation?

Why is PureLift Pro the best tool for face elevation?

Face elevation treatment

In an age of youth, energy and confidence, one’s quest for the perfect treatment fit both for younger and older clients has never been more demanding. The pressure to maintain a youthful appearance and make it stays unchanged for a longer period of time leads to different kind of treatments – invasive and non-invasive. Face elevation treatment is one of the most demanded market treatments nowadays.

Face elevation device

While invasive procedures offer long-term results, most can’t afford them so they opt for non-invasive one whose effects last shorter and all have a different way of application. Nevertheless, one product stands apart because of its quality, ease of use and duration – PureLift Pro – an instant face lift and face elevation device.

Xtreem Pulse's PureLift Pro is the most powerful device offering non-invasive face elevation on the market. With only ten minutes a day, PureLift Pro is guaranteed to show instant results for customers of all ages. Just like in PureLift, the Pro version offers an elegant and ergonomic design suited for comfortable use. It sports a simple, yet intuitive interface allowing you to control it as easily as possible.

Tipple-Wave technology

PureLift Pro's Triple-Wave technology allows the microcurrent to penetrate deep into the muscle making it contract and relax rapidly, thus lifting your skin and tightening facial muscles. Apart from improving one’s blood flow and inducing healing, PureLift Pro’s working microcurrent frequency of 1,300 to 1,700Hz allows it to penetrate much deeper into the muscle than ordinary devices which use 1 to 8 Hz microcurrent, making the skin even more permeable to its frequencies without any discomfort.

PureLift Pro’s diamond-faceted probes provide for a greater reach, covering more area than the usual round and smooth probes found other devices. PureLift Pro is thus able to apply a mild but also powerful Triple-Wave stimulation to your facial muscles, strengthening them as if on an exercise regime. Xtreem Pulse's brand new technology called Triple-Wave is designed so it would circumvent the body's natural mechanism called adaptation. This bodily response occurs when it is exposed to a constant stimulus, making a non-invasive device ineffective.

The Triple-Wave technology acts by producing three uneven, modulated pulses varying in length and strength allowing the device to work non-stop without losing effectiveness. PureLift Pro will make your face feel tighter and brighter after only one use. Other benefits of this device also include reduced puffiness, softened skin texture, and overall comfort after every use.

PureLift Pro is the best market choice

Xtreem Pulse paid special attention when creating the device to clients over the age of 40 who benefit from it the most. But PureLift Pro is not exclusive to this group age and it is recommended for younger clients to use as a form of improved skin-care. Its improved battery size and life mean it gives you additional freedom when carrying it and the ability to use it up to 50 times before the next charge.

With effects from a single treatment lasting 12 to 36 hours, depending on the age, the FDA approved PureLift Pro will certainly make any client happy, comfortable and confident!

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